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At times like these

Remember how you said I was being so strong? It's at times like these where things become heavy. That I do so much, but feel expected to keep on when things get worse... Times like these where I cannot drop this burden even if I wanted to because I feel so weak, so drained. How much it takes just to stay upright and conscious at this moment. Yet I still must be the mother, sister, girl, provider, caregiver. All I desire is a slight relief from this burden until I can revive, then I will gladly resume possession of it.
My fevered skin and malfunctioning lungs, at least I am not yet plagued by the fever dreams, and at least my midterms are through.
Well, I brought this isolation upon myself, and I have pulled myself through this swamp before. It just isn't pleasurable.
Don't pay too much attention to this. It's mostly just semiconscious fevered ramblings.

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