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My sister posted this. Instead of waiting for people to reply or whatev', I'm just gonna write something awesome about everyone in my friends list here. Names listed alphabetically by username, no preference indicated.
980iana: you are the squidgiest duck I know. x)
_leafy: when we do get to talk on MSN we always have a great time and know how to cheer each other up.
argonsloth: we were housemates and you always gave me a place to crash and introduced me to the Oblongs!
baby_angel123: you were my computer buddy at the Y and I miss you.
baby_sugar: you like squirrels :)
c_carcarias: lylas
carthis: we had good times back in the day
cp_journalcomic: you bring entertainment to my LJ and you comment sometimes :)
determination: you're pretty good at encouraging me and helping me figure myself out.
emotionalruin: I enjoy talking to you on YahooIM when everyone else is asleep.
garthic: we don't talk much anymore, but I was concerned for you while you were in the hospital during the hurricane.
hokus_mouse: you are my gf.
j_cat: Grey Sky Morning by Vertical Horizon
k_girl: you are always there for me, my sister francaise
leella: you are my squidily spooch; I am your head pigeon. I miss when we used to make up songs around the house together.
matt_sim: you are good to talk to and post interresting things.
night_shade: you are always cool to hang out with and give good advice
njalstormcaller: you are always ready to give hugs when they are needed and you came to the hospital with me, which I really appreciate.
oceanicundertow: my twin across the ocean. I love you even if we've never met (yet).
phantomeor: I hardly know you but I feel like I've known you forever. You are so much fun!
rock_the_bunny: another friend good at advice.
sashy: you always leave cool comments
scarlet_lili: I've met you once yet you are always awesome
slickwillie: you have cool music and let me do computer stuff at your shop.
sprucemoose: you are my Moosey and are always there for me.
taluagel: you are fun and give good massages
whiteshirt: you talk to me even though I'm probably nearly as crazy as your ex
xsweet_miseryx: I love staying in touch with you; I hope that one day you will see how similar we really are.

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