Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Like anyone had to guess... *rolls eyes*

Take the quiz: "Which Vampire Clan Do You Belng To?"

Congratulations! You are incurably insane! Clan quote: 'Laugh if you like. Doesn't matter. Assume that you're so much smarter than the poor, broken lunatic. Doesn't matter. But think about this: you're a dead thing, same as me. You died and were this. What makes you and me different? Simple, I REMEMBER what I saw when I was full and truly dead. You'd be mad, too'.

I wasn't called "my little Malky" for no reason. :P

I guess there were only 7 questions in that quiz. I got 2 points Brujah (go family!) and a point Gangrel (yay survival!) And the rest is obvious. (Or is it?) Hehee.

Oh yeah, Ian bought me a "Kindred Surprise toy" the other day. :P

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