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My body hurts!

Okay, well, today was adventurous in its own way. I woke up around 1:30, had a cinnamon bun for breakfast and played AC. Then I went downstairs to rip CDs and make books. Then *ding dong* (<--the doorbell) Leah showed up and she wanted to make a CD so she commenced downloading songs and stuff, it was aggravating for both of us. Yay. So, yeh, I was trying to rip something and it took forever and in the end I only got 9 out of 10 tracks but I'll rip the 10th one when I get back.
So, Elaine came home and we went to Liquidation World where I bought more Xmas presents and there is one more gift I want to buy from there, and we got a new food dish for Poops.
Okay, so we went back and had pizza and veggies with dip for dinner. While eating, Ed called and so Elaine went into the tv room to talk to him and during that time Leah and I cleaned up the entire kitchen and I told her about how Elaine always scolds me for cleaning the kitchen.
So, after that, Leah went back downstairs to get more songs and my computer was still trying to rip the same CD so I continued making books. Then Elaine needed to use the computer to do her homework, so Leah got kicked off and her CD coasted. Whoohoo! So, after fooling around on my other computer, Leah went upstairs to play Animal Crossing and I went upstairs to pack. I played a level of Diablo to try to relieve some stress but it was not very successful because I didn't have sound.
So I got restless and put everything in the car and then Leah finished playing AC and I packed up my laptop. Then we left.
On the way home, we had more nattering and stuff. Then we went to the Avondale to photocopy the menu that Leah has to memorise.
Okay, so we finally made it into the house with our luggage (and salt) and I was trying to unpack and pack simultaneously and Leah was calling people on the phone. Then I filled out a subscription for 980iana to recieve Lego Magazine and I had to call him because I didn't know the # of his birthday. :S
Okay, so, then I got bored and started standing around and Leah was like, "Why don't you do something?" and I said, "Because we aren't doing anything." So I turned on the computer and we began to make Christmas lists and downloading songs from Kazaa. And no one is talking to me on MSN so I am very sad about that. :(

Okay, well the rest of my day was painful and cranky because well two reasons. First, I did not take my pills this morning and second is PMS. Well, I am blaming it on that. My ribs hurt like a moose and I am guessing that is from sitting on the floor and hunching around to make my book. Also, my socket where my left leg joins my pelvis is hurting and I am not sure why.

Okay, well I never did write about my second birthday party. It was pretty good even though Leah and I hid from everyone in the basement. I got a bunch of gifts from the relatives and I am saving up to buy myself a stuffed The Cheat because he is so cute and I want one. He will be friends with my Cookie Monster. Um, so there was too much cake and Sally made really good cookies.

So, tomorrow me and Leah are running around town so I can get my haircut and she needs a few things. I don't know if I am going to my friend's or not tomorrow night yet because they haven't gotten back to me yet and my sister is planning on going to my grandparents' with our father. Um, so then on Wed i have an appointment with my psychiatrist (and I have to remember to ask for PRNs) and then we are doing our first preformance at Lundy's Manor that night, after which I will be returning to Welland.

Okay, almost done.

Some words about my sister's cat: This cat hates me but she lets me rub her sometimes and she has stickiness on her head that she cannot reach to wash and Leah has not cleaned her yet. Also, this cat enjoys screaming. And she just decided to scream in Leah's ear for fun. Yay. She also enjoys clawing my mattress from Kalena and eating pepperoni.

So, Leah? How is that studying of the menu going?
"Well, who was helping me?"
Well, that Wishbook sure doesn't look like a menu to me. :P

Okay, the cat is hyper because she was fed. And the vet said she has good teeth.

Okay, this is very rambly, so I will leave you here and hope you aren't too bored. If I felt like writing more, I would write about my birthday extraveganza coming up this weekend, but for now I will save that as a different post.

For sprucemoose:I DO NOT WANT DORA!!!

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