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You want to talk about everyone being the same in your life? I told you I don't trust guys when they say "we'll always be friends" cuz look what happens? You said that to me all the time, and I would always say, "That's what Jeremy said" and you would say "I'm not Jeremy". Well, guess what? You are fucking worse than him cuz he at least talked to me long enough for me to get my things back from him. Not that you have anything of mine, which is good since you are being an asshole, but my point is, everyone always says "We'll always be friends" and then it turns out they are full of shit and lies because they never mean what they say.
So yeah, you want to hear it? Fuck you for being a liar, and fuck you for not being accepting of what I need to do to be well in my life. Fuck you for being an egotistical bastard. And fuck you for all yout talk of being "accepting" of what I need.

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