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So, I am moved in. Didn't finish unpacking last night but did that this morning... well, when I got up.
This place is strange sometimes. They have two opened boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios... Well, not for long. (It's my favourite cereal!) :P
Next week is gonna be awesome! I get all my cool things and then I get to see my duck! And then right after that my Moosey comes home! x)
When I get my laptop, I want to put a Foamy theme on it.
My arm is healing pretty well. Today is the first day I didn't put any ointment or band-aids on. It's a little dry tho' so I might put some ointment on before bed or something. My psychiatric nurse was worried I was gonna get "cellitus" or something.
Have to do blood tests and stuff on Tues that I'm not really looking forward to. :/
I played Dragons (pinball) this afternoon and got over 3 million points! :) That's my highest so far. I hope to be a pro soon.
I am also practicing playing the piano/reading music. I can only play one handed but who knows. It's something to pass the time.
That's all for now.
Watched an episode of CSI tonight. The lab exploded.

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