Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

So, anyways...

It's been a few days since I've been able to post. The computers in the lab went down and the public library is closed on Sunday and Monday. :(
My arm itches like a mother bitch!
Everyone, you HAVEto go see Team America. It is so FUCKING FUNNY!!!

Yesterday Graham and Tamara came to see mee! :)
Yeh, we watched Team America cuz Resident Evil wasn't playing. *pout* But it was so GOOD! I would go see it again, it was that good.
I had no money, cuz I gave my PNA to my roomate to replace her stolen jeans so all i had was $3 but I was able to get bandaids and antibacterial cream. (The medical tape they were giving me here SUCKS!)

Tamara is going to buy a leather jacket and it is so fucking SEXY I am going to masterbate with it! (But she doesn't want to let me. Heheh.)

Yeh, I've been in a good mood since Sunday because I found out I am being quasi-adopted! x)
I saw Andrea today, she said it was so hard for her not to tell me cuz she was so excited, but they made the staff stay quiet until they were able to talk to me themselves. :) She's still gonna advocate for me after I leave and that'll be cool. She's gonna talk to a guy from Mainstream tonight. :)

So, latest news at the shelter. Yesterday I found out that my friend's father had a heart attack. :( I am giving her lots of hugs; she is having a really hard time but she will get through it. It is okay to question god and your faith, just don't give up.

My roomate left today. Around 5am this morning. I already have a new one, she is an older lady named Diane; I think she likes to go to bed early :S

I am excited about moving, I hope OW isn't a bitch. I e-mailed my case worker to see what all I need to get to her. I'll be able to have my laptop and my cds and my ROSWELL! x)

I got an ezelitz from my auntie and oma today. He's so cute! We watrched a nature show about snakes while we visted oma today.

I'm trying to think of what else happened...

When I got in last night, they said there was something for me at the desk. Well, my friend, "Tractor Dave" had brought me some magazines and when I looked at them I said to the advocates, "They're just magazines, do you need to see them?"
And they said, "Do we want to see them?" and I said "No."
Then the one girl said, "Are we gonna find them under your mattress?"
And I said, "Maybe." :D

Anyway, someone wants the computer, so I'll have to post this.

I haven't been able to read anyone's entries for several days now. I hope you all are alright.
I promise I will read them when I get a chance.
*hugs for all*

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