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Last night I didn't get to write in my LJ because people were using the comps and by the time I finished checking my e-mail I had to shut down the computer. :(
So, didn't do much yesterday. Slept for two hours while the construction crew fiddled with the breakers. Talked to the Hostel worker. Andrea made some more phone calls for me and it looks like I might get into Mainstream before anything opens up in Gateway.
JGB came and picked me up around 4:30 and we drove around and got lost for a bit, then we went to the Penn so he could pick up a copy of the new Clerks DVD. I got glue sticks, 2 lighters, and some Tigger stickers for Leah.
We just walked around for awhile; looked at stuff. Took awhile to figure out where we'd parked the car.
Drove around some more, got lost a bit more. :P Ended up driving back to the Falls to figure out how to get back to St. Kitts. Had a frosty. (Yum.)
Didn't do much when I got back.
My sister's Sesame Street tapes are better than mine! There is my favourites on there! Born to Add, Honk Around the Clock, and Why Do You Always Do the Opposite of What I Do. :D
Listened a little bit to Bob McGraph, and then Disney Christmas songs.
My roomate called me a geek. :D
So, now I am just chilling out waiting to be picked up.
Nothing planned for the weekend. Will probably go to Knox Sun morning.
Wierd dreams still, but can't really remember them.

And the movie I was trying to remember last night is called Dangerous Minds. (Still can't figure out the anime one tho'.)

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