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My day today

Well, after the bitchy girl this morning that wanted the computer, I talked to my Placement Officer and he doesn't really know when anything will be available. My worker at Housing Help (Kim Underhill) called yesterday and said she hasn't been able to find anything for me yet, and one of the student advocates here (I really can't remember her name) is calling places like Montebello Place, and Mainstream, and Supportive Independant Living for me.
I ate soup and an eggsalad sandwich for lunch and a yougert and that made me really full.
Then Lin took me to Crisis Counselling at the St. Catharine's General Hospital and we had to wait for an hour before we got to see anyone so we went and got a pop and sat on the grass and talked. She read the lyrics I wrote out last night, and then she read the most recent 2 poems I have written because they are all that is in my blue book now because I've put everything into my yellow book and when we came back here I gave my yellow book for her to look at. She is supporting me a lot and we are gonna start going to support groups together. Then I read to her my summary from Homewood because I had brought it with me, and we talked about personal energy.
So the "crisis counsellor" or whatever she was wasn't all that helpful, all she did was give us papers and tell me to stick with my psychiatric nurse, so okay.
We came back and I chewed gum and read. Then I went down for dinner. It was chicken and pasta and the mushrooms had the most flavour. I liked dessert, it tasted like breakfast.
After dinner I went back upstairs and finished reading the book. It was called Just Pretend. So then I came down here and wrote out that poem that I posted. I got it from Moods Magazine when we were at the hospital.
There are some lyrics I am going to post. (The ones I wrote out last night.)
Tomorrow I get to see my duck!
Anyway... on to the next post.

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