Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

I told you this would happen

I feel terrible for you. I knew this was going to haooen, and you wouldn't listen because of your starry eyes and floating heart. And because of the contempt and mistrust you felt towards me. I warned you she would play this game of catch and release with you, but you assured me it would be different this time. I know how much you care about her, which makes the agony so much worse. I wish I could console you, but I know you will not accept that from me. I want to tell you that you're right about me; about the things I've done lately, how I've hurt one of your best friends. But you also do not want to hear it. Perhaps it is my fault. Perhaps she only got back together with you because of the things I said, and that she didn't want you to believe them to be true. If such is the case, I apologise, although I know how little that means compared to what you're currently feeling.
You're a great guy, and I wish you'd give me a second chance, but you said you'd forgiven me, although it is clear you still hold a grudge and I am not going to push it. It is your decision. But if you read this, I want you to know that the things I have written here, I mean sincerely.

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