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I listen to this song when I miss you


Am getting kidnapped for a few days...

I got to watch Roswell last night!!! *glee* Mmmmm... *sigh* Yay emotion!

It was interesting yesterday. I spoke to my mom about how I wouldn't let you die alone. She said she didn't think she could ever do something like that with a "youth"; that it was too macabre for her... And that I must really love you a lot to do that. *hugs & smiles*

Okay, I'm getting a little too hyper. Twinky gave me candy and I slept over at K-girl's last night. Tonight she's staying in my room even though I won't be there. (Keeping my bed warm I guess.) And Friday is dancing!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
On Sunday my sister is coming up and I have a Stats midterm on Thursday that I haven't gone to any classes for or anything. *trembles* That's okay, I'll kick my own ass if I don't get it done.

Hope I see Amber online sometime soon, wanna use her as the subject for my term paper for Psych if she's cool with that. And Linguistics is a joke. I MISS TUESDAYS!!!! *whine*

Anyway, I'll shut up now and get some stuff done before I have to go. NO FAIR!

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