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For Adam

she takes the six o'clock train
its off to work and then home again
she wonders if this will ever change
clutching her pillow she hides in a dark
room in her heart

how long has it been
since love touched her and she let in
chased out the shadows, filled emptiness
with her head in her hands she cries
"come back again, i need you my friend"

we fight on our knees
but don't often see
the battles that rage being won
but fight on until
and tarry until
love comes to carry us on

so many holes here within
torn apart and then blown by the wind
hell and high-water come crashing in
pride says to fight but he cannot defend this means to an end

the truth cuts like a blade
bleeding all of the plans that he made
nothing but faith in the one who came
can ever bring peace to the spirit again
will he understand

we fight on our knees
for those who might see
the battle is over, its won

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