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Not many people posted today. I was really depressed today, I feel like there isn't anywhere for me to go. The waiting lists are long, no one has any room for me, and right now I wish I was at the apartment so I could take a few pills and stare at the tv all night. I haven't been tired at night much anymore. My roomate has nightmares and so I hear her screaming in the night. I listened to Run Lola Run last night so I could fall asleep. Sometimes I feel like not doing anything and not even sleeping. Dave has agoraphobia. I didn't know that. My mom wants me to call her but I don't feel like doing that either. I filled out an application for Court Street, but I don't want to live there. They said they might find a family for me to go stay with. On Monday I'll see Mr. Klassen for the paperwork. And I don't know when I have to do the interview with lady from Court Street.
I went out with my roomate today. We hung outside, it was cool. All I did today really was work on a puzzle. I'll be a puzzle master by the time I leave here. I'm trying to do all of them so I can find the missing pieces.
So I'm thinking of going to the library tomorrow. I want to look up about Dr. Kellogg and if they have nothing on him then Oak Island. It'll give me something to do during the day. I won't be able to sign anything out because I don't have a permanent address but I can always read there.
I'm thinking of asking Jamie if he wants to do anything. I'm tired of doing the same thing everyday.
Yesterday I found out I have a vitamin B12 deficiency. I don't know if I need shots or not. I started taking a multivitamin today and I haven't been very tired, but I have been really depressed. So I have all of 3 things working to make me tired: 1)depression, 2)low iron, 3)B12 deficiency. Yippity crap.
Well, the net is lagging like a lamer tnight and I want to check my lack of e-mail so catch you all later.

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