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Your Final Fantasy Life by Hour_of_Scarlet
Your FaceYou have pale skin, and eyes that could pierce through any soul.
Your HairYou have long, white, flowing hair.
Your Body StructureThose long legs make you quite the jumper.
Your ClothingYour clothing is well fit, except for the pants, wich are large in the legs, but it's very unique.
Your WeaponYou can't really fight, so you just heal.
Your Special AbilitiesYou can transform into an esper, but only for about one turn.
Your PersonalityYou're the secret character, so we never got to know you that well.
Your Best FriendYou seem to do fine talking to yourself.
Your BackroundYou're a child of royalty, but you ran away from home to escape the pain of your father's recent illness.
Good or BadYou're kind, your sweet. No way that you're bad.
Gil Amount8,664,565
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