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I think I am having a good week.

Other than not being able to sleep, things have been going okay. yesterday I got to see my mum and talked to Leah. At first when I called her she asked if she could call back tomorrow, but then later she called me back and said "I need to talk to my happy sister", so obviously she noticed something.
Today I got to see my mum again. We went to WalMart and I saw Carrolyn and got pictures developed. I also got a graduation gift from my aunt, so I wrote her a letter, sorted and put away pics, hung up the durtain over my doorway (finally) and then I was having something to eat and watching Passions when Clemence called and invited me over! :) So I spent the afternoon with her and went to school from there. Second test was today, I think it went well. I also got a call for another interview tomorrow, and I should be hearing back from my first one as well.
I had already written Leah a letter this afternoon after putting together a package for her, and I come home to find a letter from her! :)
So for now I am having something to eat and watching Starting Over, then I think later I will read and reply to Leah's letter, after I read/reply to my LJ friends. :)

Hope this keeps up, and that I'll be able to sleep and I'll get a job.

Man...I have to do dishes again soon... Bleh.

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