Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

What did the Vegan Zombie say? Graaaaaaaaaaains.

Wheat? yes, I love carbs
Rice? one of my faves
Couscous? yes, good in chicken boullion
Beans? yep, all different kinds, including lentils


Lettuce? yes, all kinds
Tomatoes? I eat them like apples
Cherry tomatoes? not my fave
Grape tomatoes? I don't think so
Cucumbers?yep, but I don't like them too watery or too much seeds
Sweet peppers? yellow and orange my fave, not a big fan of green or red. Do NOT like them cooked
Peas? snow peas are the best
Corn? yes, creamed corn is my fave
Green or yellow beans? yes, either raw or cooked. Good to eat straight outta the garden
Celery? yeh, it's okay. Better with dip
Carrots?yes, espech baby ones with dip
Baby carrots? see previous
Parsnips? blech
Yams? no thank you
Turnip? yes, cubed, not mashed
Squash? no thank you
Leeks? only in the potato leek soup Mr. Anderson made


Apples? Crispin, MacIntosh, Ida Red, Empire
Pears? Okay once in awhile, they kind of lost their appeal
Peaches? blanched peaches are better than sex!
Grapes? yes!
Strawberries? yes
Raspberries? ate too many growing up, hate the seeds in my teeth
Cranberries? okay, it's a good diurettic
Oranges? yes, a staple to my life, not so much as my mom's tho
Bananas? yes but they always over-ripe on me
Kiwi Fruit? no spoon you wimps!
Mangos? slurp
Pomegranate? yes, messy
Starfruit?I've had small pieces of it, usually while drunk
Star apple? never heard of it
Passionfruit? haven't had it
Liche Fruit / Nut? uh, queh?
Mangosteen? same as previous
Papaya? only artifically flavoured
Guava? ummmmmm
Pummelo? queh?


Battered Haddock / Sole? yes
Tuna? no!
Salmon?have had it, not a fan
Pickled Herring? my mom loves it
Shark's fin soup? not had
Escargot? not had
Sushi? Definitely. yep
Octopus? no
Squid / Calamari? no
Mahi-mahi (Dolphin fish - not related to dolphins!)? no
Abalogne?what is it?
Red Snapper? only in Animal Crossing ;)
Eel? uh, no thanks


Chicken?I quit for a year cuz I ate it too much
Turkey? tastes fatty to me
Goose? no
Ostrich or Emu? no thanks

Hoofed Mammals:

Roast Beef? only from Arby's
Ground Beef? altris klopsis
Hamburgers? kinda overdid it on those
Steak? well done
Filet Mignon? I don't know
Bacon? slightly under burnt
Pork Chops?not a fan, too much fat
Pork Roast? not sure
Ground Pork? there's some in the freezer
Venison (Deer)? haven't had any
Caribou? no
Elk? no
Moose? not my moosey!

How about a little spice:

Pepper steak? I have no idea
Suicide wings? nope, I like medium
Sent a dish back to the kitchen because it was too spicy? nope
Sent a dish back to the kitchen because it wasn't spicy enough? no
Eaten Wasabi (Japanese horseradish, usually served with Sushi - it's green)? yes
Whole hot peppers? banana peppers right off the stem
Whole chilis? no way

Random stuff not for squeamish white kids:

Haggis? blech
Chicken feet? that doesn't sound very sanitary
Sea Urchin? blob
Limburger cheese? nope
Caviar? nope
Snake? nope
Alligator? nope
Any kind of insect or worm (and not on a dare!)? nope

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