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Voyage au Hamilton

So Friday night I had to wait for my mom to come over after work to get her shoes and leave the numbers for places she'll be next week. I opend my gifts and showed her the work I had done on the house. Then she gave me a ride to the bus terminal.
Got to H-town, walked from the terminal to Jackson Square, picked up some gifts, film, and an Archie comic, then went to the food court to get some sustanance and meet Gaurav. Gaura was thinking about getting food but decided to settle on popcorn. K met us and we went to the ladies room, then she got pizza and Sprite and we waited in line for harry Potter. First I had to make them change seats cuz they wanted to sit way up front and I think the view is better closer to the back (but not too far back). Anyway, then they went to get snacks and when they got back I went to get my ginormous size beverage. K and G then decidede to try to eat the entire bag of popcorn so they could get a refill before the movie started. K started throwing popcorn everywhere and stuff. They wanted me to eat it but they kept dumping too much powdered crap on top. So I don't really remember what we did when we got home.
Next morning I woke up at 7:30 but figured they would still be asleep so i read a bit then went back to sleep. They never bothered to come downstairs when they woke up, so I only got up at 11(?) and had K come with me to No Frills while Gaurav showered. We get outside and there is Michelle! So we bring her in the house and she rests while we go to get ingredients for K's cake (and a Pepsi for Meesha). We get back and all 4 of us were supposed to go to Limeridge but G was being a girl so just me K and M went. I got a few more gifts for K, a cd for me, and Shelle bought me hairdye. We had lunch there and talked for an hour about IR and OSAP loans. When we got home, I made K's cake and Shelle dyed my hair. G came home sometime around then. I took a walk over to Ward to give Emery his button; wanted to use marc's hairdryer but he was at work. Um... kinda forget what we did for a bit, then we went to BP for dinner, had wine. The waiter was cool, Victor. He had them come and sing the birthday song to her, she turned so red (poor girl)! Gaurav broke her sandal on the way home. Later Graham came over and me and M and him went to Tim's and I ended up spraying ice capp on them :D When we got back, K and G were going to bed, me and Shelle went downstairs, chatted online for a little bit, then slept. I got to sleep with my gf! :)
Woke up, went to pancake house. Stupid G had already eaten cereal so he didn't come. Had K blow out the candles when we got back, even though we were all too full to eat cake. Shelle and I are leaving tonight, but first we get to see Adam :)
Aside: Adam C has a pretty depressing username today, I hope he's okay.
K lent me a book, I return a bunch of stuff to M and overall we all had a good time but we are all tired.
I'm still stressed about not finding work. My credit card is maxxed and I can't pay it. *pauses to choke on saliva*
Yeah so tonight it is back "home" to the cats.

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