Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

from matt_sim

Out of Your Friends List
1) How many do you actually know? Uhm... 10?
2) How many do you have pictures of? probably about the same
3) How many do you want pictures of? mm, maybe a couple more
4) How many have you met in person? The 10 that I know?
5) How many of them have you been close to? The same 10
6) How many have you been freaky with? 2?
7) How many do you want to be freaky with? heh... a few of em
8) How many do you want to strangle? no one on lj
9) How many do you think will spread this lemming like a wild fire? all of them
10) Finally how many will think this is stupid and hunt down the creator? only me ;D

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