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I can feel again!

Some of you know that a few days ago I stopped taking my meds (yes, I know this is bad.) but yesterday was the first day I actually felt something again! :)

I also pretty much moved into my room yesterday. There are a few things I have to do which I can't until I can get to my tool box, and then next week I get to put all of Leah's stuff in her room and finally get my book shelf! This way I'll be able to move my dresser and night stand and then my room will be complete! I'd like to get a curtain or something to go over the doorway tho. I may just end up using a blanket temporarily.

Today is my first French test and I am kinda excited, I guess since I am hoping to ace it. :) I finally got my French book yesterday, so that made me happy. I also got the tickets for my convocation yesterday as well. I was able to deliver Kalena's when I returned her sandals and gave my mom the one's for her and Tom. All I have to do is deliver Ian's to him along with a small prezzie I got him. (I also got one for Emery; I have no idea when I'll be able to get it to him.) I bought my mom a prezzie too and finally gave her the Baileys I wanted to give her for her birthday.

Okay, I feel really bad about this, but I don't remember when my bestfriend's birthday is. I know it's next month, but I have no idea when. I think it might be the 17th but I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm saving the rest of my money to spend for her birthday. I want to take her to Boston Pizza and buy her a cake. Or at least make one.

In other news, I freaked out a little last night. One of my moles has started drying out and peeling. It is red and sore and I'm worried that it might be cancerous because those are all the things they tell you to watch out for. I called my mom after she had gone to bed cuz I was freaking out; she calmed me down a little bit, so later I will have to make an appointment with the doctor.

Tonight I am handing in two resumes on the way to school. One at Frank's Pizza and another at Dairy Queen.

Yesterday was quite eventful. Frirst we went to the chiropractor, laundromat, grocery store, then we went to several banks and the library. Next we dropped off my laundry and groceries and we moved my bed. After that we went to the College to pick up my textbook and we went to the Penn Centre. When we got to Hamilton we went to Limeridge Mall and then to visit my oma. After that we went down to return Kalena's sandels and Gaurav gave me some Indian milk cake. (It tastes a lot like Latvijan cow candy.) I was supposed to go out with Jeff last night, but by the time I got home I was just too tired. I took a nap, woke up around 11 I think, ate dinner, then moved a bunch of stuff into my room from my sister's room. My room is coming together nicely.

My mom wants me to clean the bathroom and wash the stairs, but I don't want to. I finally did the dishes last night, and wiped down the stove and table. When my mom was here she vaccumed.

This is one of the longest posts I have made in a long time.

So, other than that, I'm just waiting for some mail. Tomorrow I have to go pick up some meds, mail a parcel to Twinky, and I have yet to get my film from the concert developed :( I have counselling, physio, ~and~ chiropractor.

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