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Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Last nights concert was worth the $54. I only ended up going on 5 rides: Dragon Fire, Drop Zone, Wild Beast, Nightmares, and the carousel. The guy running Nightmares was hot! The weather was so crappy: rain, snow, damp, windy. We actually went to the van to dry off and warm up a bit. I also ate so much yesterday! A slimfast bar, pizza, apple, 2 granola bars, another apple, funnel cake, half a sub, a spicy chicken sandwich, frosty.
Anyway, back to the concert. Anyone who doesn't know that I love the Newsboys should, since they are my favourite band. There were all kinds of people there. It made me wonder how many of them were really Christians, how many of them were there cuz they were with people to whom it is "cool" to be Christian, and others who just wanted something to mosh to. It also surprised me that, it being a Christian concert, so many people were making the sign of the devil. I'm guessing they didn't know that's what it was.
The concert really ministered to me. There was a little girl beside me really praising with her whole heart; that touched me.
Oh yeah, in regards to the subject title of this entry...if you hate Spongebob Squarepants, I suggest you avoid Canada's Wonderland since he is everywhere in the park! In other park news, they now have tv monitors for you to watch while you are standing in line for the rides. All Paramount propaganda of course.
Being at PCW made me thing of argonsloth.

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