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I finally got my period...two days late!
Anyway, I am really tired and crampy. I still have to move more books out of the room. I think I'll do that after I break my 3 day streak of staying awake throughout the entire day. I also have to call Dave tonight to give him directions to pick me up for the concert tomorrow. Whoo, Canada's Wonderland!
All else I did today was read, write a letter to Jenny and mail it, take out money from the ATM, and fiddle around here on LJ.
There is so much I have to do, like talk to the Y about getting a membership, and try to get a job, but I just don't feel capable of doing these things on my own. I know it is a unrealistic fear of rejection, I think I just feel more competent if someone else is around incase I don't know what to do. Like that time I called for pizza, Ian was sitting right there, so it was okay. It was the only time I've done it, too. Every other time I've used online ordering. I'll ask my mom if we can go to the Y on Tuesday, and I'll see about calling the places my councellor has given me numbers for.

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