Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

My Ass Hurts

I miss leella. I miss BG, and I miss being in Hamilton. No one here does anything. I went out with my sister tonight. We went shopping for pants, then had dinner (as a going away treat for her), then went to see Mean Girls. It was your average preteen chick flick. I wanted to see Godsend but it was "too scary" for Leah's tastes. So I'm hoping Jamie will take me or something. We went and harassed Jenga after calling her about 80 times. Came home to take my pills, ended up puking up water (fun) and now the cats are tearing around the apartment, I guess it's a good thing the lady downstairs isn't home. It's also raining out, sounds like it's going to be a storm. I don't really have much else to say, all I really do is read and sleep. I'm still working my way through House of Leaves; more than half-way finished though. I tried to watch Disc Two, Season One of Roswell today but the sound kept cutting out (stupid DVD player). Whoo! Those are my days. I try to keep in touch with people but I can only really come online at night (since it ties up the phoneline).
*hugs for everyone*

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