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How long have you been roleplaying?
I think about 3 years now
What medium do you use? (ex: Dungeons and Dragons, MUDs, Live Action, hand puppets, etc.)
mostly LARP, but I've also played TT
Who are your favourite characters?
my first: Kailah (Malkavian)
Who is your least favourite character?
my crazy Toreador that I wasn't allowed to play
Who is your latest character?
Wrenya Vine (Ravanos)
Who was your first character?
Kailah (Malkavian)
Who is your most popular character?
All of my characters are kinda loners. I guess Elizalain (Gangrel)
Which character is most like you?
none really.
Who would you like to be more like?
I'd like to have Wrenya's "I don't give a shit" attitude
-Which character would be most likely to...-
Jump off a bridge?

Get drunk and pass out?
none of them really
Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way?
Have a mental breakdown?
LOL Kailah!
Be far too hyper for their own good?
the Torrie, or Anias (Nosferatu)
maybe Elizalain
Do something stupidly dangerous for fun?
Elizalain or maybe the Torrie
Get lung cancer?
None of them, they're all vampires
Lay down his or her life for a stranger?
Kailah. Depending on the circumstances and her current state of mind.
Get married?
None of them have the right personality for it. Plus, they're dead.
Refuse to ask for directions?
Wrenya, for sure.
Star in a horror movie?
maybe Elizalain?
Star in an action movie?
Wrenya. She LOVES to kick ass!
Star in a sitcom?
Fall in love?
Kailah. *sigh*
Regret his or her life?
Make the world a better place?
they're all pretty self-centered. Kailah would try but fail miserably
Have a torrid gay love affair?
Elizalain, she has a lover.
-Word Association-
(Relate each word to one of your characters.)
Love: Kailah
Hate: Malachi (Brujah)
Money: Ailanthus (Toreador)
Masks: Anias
Seduction: Elizalain
Flowers: Anias
Lies: Wrenya
Music: Ailanthus
Home: Kailah
Tragedy: Elizalain I guess
Manipulation: Anias
Violence: Malachi
Politics: Anias
Black: Anias
White: Kailah
Fire: Malachi
Ice: Wrenya

-The Best and the Most-
Who of your characters is the most realistic?

Who is the most fun to play?
Kailah. I love her.
Who do you respect most?
none of them really
If you had a popularity contest within your group of characters who would win?
I have no idea, maybe Ailanthus
With who's views do you agree with most?
It's hard to say.
Who kisses the best?
Who would react best to realizing he or she is going to die?
I don't think Wrenya cares.
Who would do best in school?
none of them. Maybe Ailanthus

Write out a high school transcript for one of your characters:
Ailanthus Prescott
English: 85%
Math: 70%
Science: 65%
History: 60%
Foreign Languages: 52%
Gym: 45%
Teacher's note: Shows great creativity
Who would be most interesting drunk? Include Quote(s):
No idea, Malachi would be a violent drunk
Which one of your characters would make the best roommate?
Probably Ailanthus
Dance partner?
Super villain?
they're all pretty much neonates, so I don't know what they'd teach
Business partner?
Ailanthus (she has a dress shop)
I don't know, their relationships are all pretty much conditional

-Random Inquiries-

Who would resent knowing they're a character?

all of them. I think it would break Kailah's mind even more.
Who wouldn't mind?
Elizalain since she's got Sabriel (her lover)
Which of your characters do you like as a person?
ummmm, well, I pity Kailah. I guess I like Ailanthus or Elizalain
Who would you most like to actually meet?
Who would you not like to actually meet?
Anias and Wrenya
Your alien and bestial characters, what would they look like if they were human?
Who would be happy in a boring, safe little job in a cubicle?
none of them
Who dreams of flying?
Pick a character and outline his or her soul mate:
Kailah loved/loves? Sebastian. That's the closest thing any of them have.
Who would like you? As a person, not a creator?
Wrenya might if only because I'd admire her
Who is happy?
they all have their disappointments. I guess Ailanthus or Elizalain might be happy
Who probably drove his or her parents crazy as a kid?
parents are kinda an absent feature from most of my characters' upbringing
What animal most suits the personality of each of your characters?
Kailah: cat
Malachi: snake
Ailanthus: exotic bird
Anias: somthing reptilian
Wrenya: snake
Elizalain: common bird
What colour most suits them?
Kailah: violet
Malachi: black
Ailanthus: orange/yellow/red
Anias: green
Wrenya: green/brown
Elizalain: brown/blue

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