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Superficial Intimacy

Just a poor little lost girl stuck in a dream world. Now it's been smashed and she can finally be introduced to reality. Change is good. Direction is good. Eventually you will realise that my intentions are good. You'll believe me when you see how much better off I am. It's my life and my decisions.
I'm glad you showed me why it makes sense. I'm glad I understand how things are between us and why you're afraid.
It's difficult to love anyone when you're depressed, or maybe it's just that I base my self-worth on the worth others see in me, which is why I am on this quest: to learn who I am apart from everyone.
"Who am I without you?" I do not want to develop a dependant personality, so this is the road I am taking.
I am going to change, there is no doubt about that. I will still be me, but I will be different. Like activiating and deactivating a different sequence of switches, a different light pattern will appear. Hopefully I will end up better; that I will like me more.
It's important to know that people care about you. It's nice when you tell me to take care of myself.
Eventually, you will see that this isn't just about me, it's about you too.
If I wasn't so tired I'd be feeling incredibly good right now; I hope you are too. Try not to get too confused. These are just the things I wish I could tell you but don't have the words to say directly.

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