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I think I just ate curry... and for breakfast at that! >.<
No, I will not admit that it was good. :P
Started the Feeling Good Workbook. Ambs, I think it would be good for you. I talks about anxiety a lot and helps you realise how our thoughts affect our moods.
I met Tristan's friend Jesse last night. He's pretty cool.
Haven't started my Anxiety & Paranoia Workbook yet, mostly because I've been reading for class. Now that I dropped Psych, I only have one class to catch up in reading, although I have a Philosophy paper to write (which I am trying to get an extention for), a (different) Philosophy test to make up, and a Linguistics assignment or two to do, which means I need to e-mail my profs.
Other than that there isn't really much to say other than ROSWELL Season 1 is out on DVD!!!!! :D When I heard, I was so happy I almost cried. I had been waiting since the season finale. :D Yay yay yay.
I've been playing Diablo and watching Roswell most evenings; working on my knitting as well. Daytime is for schoolwork (and sleep).

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