Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

1. Ever been so drunk you blacked out? No, but I've blacked out during ODs
2. Put a body part on fire for amusement? No, but k-girl likes to burn her hair
3. Been in a car accident? yes
4. Been hurt emotionally? yes
5. Kept a secret from everyone? probably
6. Had an imaginary friend? maybe
7. Wanted to hook up with a friend? you should be friends first
8. Cried during a Movie? yes
9. Had a crush on a teacher? no
10. Ever thought an animated character was hot? no
11. Had a New Kids on the Block tape? nope
12. Cut your hair? yes

--------- FAVOURITES ---------

1. Shampoo: Pert Plus
2. Colour: blue
3. Day/Night: night
4. Summer/Winter: summer
5. Lace or satin: satin
6. Cartoon Characters: Cal from Undergrads
7. Food: potatoes
8. Favorite Ad: can't remember
9. Favourite Subjects: psychology, linguistics, philosophy

--------RIGHT NOW-----------

1. Wearing: clothes
2. Drinking or not drinking: should. need to keep hydrated
3. Thinking about: depression
4. Listening to: nothing

-----IN THE LAST 24 HRS ---------

1. Cried: yes
2. Worn a skirt: no
3. Cleaned your room: yes
4. Done laundry: no need
5. Drove a car: no, not qualified

---------DO YOU BELIEVE IN---------

1. Yourself: no
2. Friends: I guess
3. Santa Claus: no
4. Tooth fairy: no
5. Destiny/fate: maybe
6. Angels: yes
7. Ghosts: yes


1. Who's the loudest out of your friends: Kalena
2. Weirdest? Meesha


. Cried: yes
. Helped someone: fed someone
. Bought something: yes
. Gotten sick: yes
. Gone to the movies: no, but I want to see Butterfly Effect
. Gone out for dinner: no
. Said, "I love you": yes
. Really? who?: people
. Written a real letter: yes
. Moved on: I dunno
. Talked to an ex: yes
. Missed an ex: I guess
. Talked to someone you have a crush on: meh
. Had a serious talk: yes
. Missed someone? yes
. Hugged someone? yes
. Fought with your parents? no
. Fought with a friend? no

. Had you ever been a cheat: yeh
. Stayed home on a saturday night: yes
. Been in love: I thought so
. Shoved stuff underneath you bed to make it look clean: yes
. Dumped someone and regret it: a little bit last time
. Went out with someone more then one time: yes
. Ever loved someone that made you cry: yes
. Hated youself: yes
. Been broken hearted: yes
. Broke some ones heart: yes
. Do like to give hugs: yes, I need them
. Like to walk in the rain: sometimes
. Sleep on ur tummy, side or back: any
. Want to get married: yes
. If so who?: someone who loves me, won't leave me, and wants a family
. Describe your dream girl: Angelina Jolie, but realistically, Michelle
. who u like: people, cats, books

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