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My mommy came to see me! x)

We got to visit and I told her what has been going on. She got to talk to Jeremy for a few minutes. I told her about my classes and the movies I've seen. She read my letter from Hanny. I showed her gifts I had gotten. She took me to "dollar days" at No Frills and bought me food. Then we went to Shopper's Drugmart/Tim Hortons. We had lunchables and a muffin when we got home.
She told me about moving and how things are with her. We miss each other a lot. She encouraged me about school. (I should be studying right now.) She told me her dreams and concerns. I told her my worries and fears.
She gave me chocolate hedgehogs for Valentine's Day x) *hugs self* I'm saving the card until then.
I showed her the card from her I keep by my bed. I told her what I felt when I was in the hospital. I love my mommy so much. We never get to see each other enough.

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