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First Name : Sarah
2.Middle Name:
3.Last Name: Maslovskis
4.Nicknames: kitty, Sare, Hare, Harry, head pigeon, meowmix
5. City: Hamilton
6. Age: 22
7.Guy or Gal: Gal
8. Zodiac Sign: Sagitarius
9. Siblings: sister (19), step-sister (20), foster-sister (18)
10. Pet(s): Ashes (my putchy cat)
11. Hair: blonde
12. Eye Color: cool
13. Height: 160cm
14. What hand do you write with?:right
15. Hair Length: too long, down to my shoulderblades
16. Do you bite your nails?: only when they snag
17. Do you think you are cute?: when I try
18. Do others think your cute?: yeah
19. Shoe size:? 7
20. Are You involved with someone right now: yes
21. If so what is their name? Jeremy
22. Did you send this to your crush: nope
23. Are you a virgin: ya'll know the anser to that
24. Where do you shop the most?: the grocery store... Oh! Value Village
25. Do you think your fashion is cool?: meh
26. Do you have any piercings?: ears
27. What else do you want pierced?: navel, if I lose weight.
28. Do you have a tattoo: no
29. Do you do drugs?: Have to to stay sane ;)
30. Do you drink: rarely anymore
31. Who are your friends?: People who love me even thought I can't always feel it
32. What kind of Shampoo and Conditioner do you use?: stuff in the bottle
33. What sport(s) do you play?: bum-tag
34. What are you most scared of?: myself
35. If you could go anywhere, where would it be?: Australia
35.5: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?: Here, but I wish it was warmer.
36. What are you listening to right now?: heater
37. Who are you talking to right now?: _leafy, leella, taluagel
38. What time is it?: 6:51pm
39. Do you have your own phone line?: Cellphone counts.. yes.
41. Who is the last person who called you?: Andy... no, my mom
42. Where do you want to get married: church
43. If you could have 1 wish what would it be: to be okay and stop hurting
44. Who is/was the hottest guy/girl in your grade? : uh... ???
45. If you could change anything about yourself what would that be?: stop hating me
46. Who do you really hate?: myself
47. What are the ugliest names? Nelly (that's a horse name)
48: Favorite Color: Blue
49. Favorite number: a trillion and five
50. Band/group: Newsboys
51. Movie: Cube
52. Candy: vanilla tootsie rolls
53.So...............................: yep
54. TV show: CSI
55. Food?: mashed potatoes
56. Fast food restaurant?: Wendy's
57. Girl Names: Kaitlyn
58. Boy Names: Jonathan, Reuben
59. Nail polish color: glossy
60. Subject in school: Psychology
61. Good Number?: 2
62. Radio Stations: am 640 (cuz I listen to it to fall asleep)
63. Scent: NOT Axe!
64. Teacher: Colarusso
65. Game: the paper game, or the cup game
66. Smoked?: yes :/
67. Drank?: Yes
68. Got drunk?: yep
69. Bungee Jumped? no
70. Broke the law?: uh...yeah.
71. Ran from the cops?: No, but argued with them
72. Been busted by cops?: Sorta
72. Thought about being gay? I would have a long-term relationship with Michelle
73. Tried to kill yourself?: Yeh
74. Made yourself throw up?: yes
75. Gone skinny dipping?: partially
76. Been In Love?: I don't know.
77. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: I don't think so

78. Red: ANGRY!
79. Cow: Moo!
80. Barfing on your date or date barfing on you?: Well, I've had someone puke on my pants, but it wasn't a date
81. Have your Tonsils or your appendix removed?: No

82. Coolest: uh... we're all kinda losers
83. Weirdest: Marc
84. Funniest: Jeremy
85. Smartest: Emery
86. Happiest: Kalena
87. Most Ditzy: uh...
88. Meanest: Emery
89. Nicest: Carrolyn
90. Loudest: Kalena
91. Quietest: Carrolyn and Jess
92. Silliest: me and Ambs
93. Who do you go to for advice: it depends on the situation
94. Who knows all your secrets: my gf
95. Eaten an entire pack of KD: yeah
96. Caused a car accident?: not that I know of
97. Seen the ocean: no :(

98. Night or Day: Night
99. Chocolate Chip or Mint Chip: mint chip
100. Ocean or lake: lake
101. Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
102. Lion or Tiger: tiger
103. Love or lust: lust
104. Silver or gold: silver
105. Pencil or pen: pencil
106. Skirt or jeans: skirt
107. Rose or tulip: tulip

108. Cried: yes
109. Bought Something: yes
110. Worn a skirt: no
111. Gone for a walk: yes
112. Gone for a drive: yes
113. Gone out for dinner: no
114. Taken a test: no
115. Talked to an ex: yes
116. Miss your ex: not really
117. Watched your favourite movie: no
118. Given someone a present: no
119. Missed someone: yes
120. Hugged someone: yes
121. Kissed someone: no
122. Danced with someone: no
123. Had a nightmare: can't remember
124. Fought with your parents?: no

125. What do you feel about the Ouija Board: want to use
126. Do you believe in yourself: I don't exist
127. Worst feeling in the world: loving someone that doesn't love you
128. Best feeling in the world: being forgiven
129. Are you for world peace: it won't happen
130. Are you a health freak: I wish
131.Who is your crush? Jeremy and Michelle

132. Do you like filling these out?: Yes.

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