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Deeper Into Trouble

Public Appology: I accept that what I did last night was stupid, and that I hurt a lot of people that way. I will understand if you can't forgive me. I am sorry.

I have decided that I never want to go to the hospital again! I never wanted to go after the first time either, but this was worse, because it was involunary. I hope whoever ratted on me has $40 to pay for the ambulance, cuz I sure don't.

My throat hurts so much! The charcoal only made me feel sick, and I had to pee a lot (I guess from all the saline in the IV). I was so bored cuz I couldn't sleep. I'm gonna end up giving myself an ulcer.

When the police showed up they kept badgering me and told me to stop stalling, which really I wasn't doing, I was just too incoherent/incompetent at the time to do anything right at their speed.

someone called the cops on me and i am going to crop dram
Mess is so sloppy because i haven't sake (you sake)
I can only guess that...wear about what I wrote on my journal
repetations to join the armied animal amb begotten stop
who ever did calls me an avalanche
guess there woun't would
now, not sure
sleeping with the lights and
when do you get seen by a psychiatrist
feels work of term drink then recycl Dome ore
problem (swimming)
I wish Marc chore someone
who shover the past. Too much C go. Beth is trying to kill Gwen since they are so dispencing a fine childhood example [where?]
I wish I had a book
If eick after paint a portrait for years

Hallucenations are fun.

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