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Fade Away

So tonight (technically last night) I realised that I'm not getting any better at social situations, I'm just getting more used to them; they don't hurt any less, I'm just learning to cope with it. This upsets me slightly. I'm not sure how to improve on this, since it is something I thought I was improving on and then suddenly realise I haven't been. *sigh* So now I'm feeling over exposed and am seeking refuge behind this keyboard. Sometimes I hide just to find out how long it'll take for anyone to notice I'm gone. {some day this place is gonna burn/is your whole life in there waiting/someday their heads are gonna turn/and they'll realise you're missin'} Yeah, when? Anyway, it'll be a lot worse pretty soon since I won't have to interact with anyone. I can attend classes/write tests/complete asssignments as a phantom since I know no one in my courses/programme/year, I'll no longer have to interact with strangers in a situation called conveniece store clerk, and I'll be abiding solitary in an empty house on the mountain away from everyone who "knows" me. See why I don't exist?
"Down came your black bird to suffer in my arms." I made a drawing for my brother; I hope he likes it.

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