Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

There is so much hatred in the Wiccan world! Listen to a Wiccan ranting about the injustices that the Xian laws have caused -- listen to them recite, gleefully, all of the contradictions they can find in the Bible -- listen to them blame the Xian God for all of the Holy Wars -- then step back, take a good look, and wonder why these poor Xians think you've been misled by the Devil. You're certainly not giving them any reason to think otherwise.
Almost everyone has a Devil of some sort. The KKK has non-whites to hate. The Pro-Lifers have abortionists to hate. The environmentalists have big business to hate. And the Wiccans have Xians to hate. It is human nature to pick your war, find a scapegoat, and declare with all of your might that "I am better than those people!" But... of course... the hatred is always *justified*.

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