November 4th, 2009


Another strange dream.

This was all a dream...
So, it starts off where I am over at my mom's cuz I had asked her to give me a ride to choir practice. At the last minute, she has "other plans" and says I shouldn't be upset because there are lots of other people in choir who could pick me up. (I flipped out over this in a very BPD way.)
Eventually I end up with the choir. For some reason, we are having practice in Seattle. I later find out that Kay had been thinking of doing a show there and wanted to get a feel for the area. Leah tells her about the carnival we had been to in the area (twice previously in other dreams). As everyone was leaving, I decided to go over to Kim's. I was still pissed at my mom, so I was "running away". There was a ferry boat I had to take into the city, but from there I was able to walk. When I got to Kim's apartment, she was outside on the lawn with another girl. I had to come up to her a few times before she noticed it was me. We end up going inside and there is another girl there. One of them was helping her study for some kind of computer course or something. Because there were other people over, I decided that running away was dumb and asked what time the last ferry was (so I could make it back to Ontario with the choir, I guess). The last ferry was at 3:33pm. I thought that was retarded and was expecting it to be at least 7pm or thereabouts. It was already 3:30pm so my plan to take the ferry back was nixed. Then I started panicking because I had to get back to Ontario for a doctor's appointment and had almost no money on me (ie. cannot book a flight and the train would take too long). So Kim starts writing down names and stuff, supposedly so I can hitch-hike back. I was like, "I've never hitch-hiked before! I'll probably get raped or something!" Then two more people came into the apartment. One was a guy and he starts getting on my case about not bringing any drugs with me. I tell him, I just came from Canada, so of course I don't have anything with me (due to border crossing). He says that's no excuse and that I still should have brought shit if I was gonna come by unexpectedly. So then I tell him my regular song and dance about not having any connections or knowing how to score, so if he wanted to hook me up, I'd gladly bring some next time.
There was a bunch of other weird stuff, like knives that looked like guns. And a girl who asked me if I knew everyone in Canada. I told her that's the same as me asking if she knew everyone in America.
Oh, and I also went on a rant about how neglected the lower class is in the States. One of Kim's friends was saying how she didn't have any towels, so she could take care of her kids.
Yeah, really strange.
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