November 3rd, 2009


Strange dream.

Had a weird dream last night where my mom was trying to get me to go out with Ron Jeremy. O.o Thing is, I was still with Mike and had no intention of that changing. I was really confused as to why my mom thought otherwise. But Ron seemed interested in dating and I didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I never mentioned that I already had a boyfriend. When my mom started asking what had happened with Mike, I finally told her nothing had happened and that we were still together. Ron was hurt but seemed to take it well. Then he and Mike became friends.

p.s. I have never seen Ron Jeremy in a porn (therefore this dream was PG rated).
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Glad tidings.

I know it is kind of early (and the Christmas season doesn't start until after my birthday - at least in my world) but...

I am posting this to try to get a sense of who all I'll be doing gift exchanges with this year? I have comments screened, for privacy. I just need to get an idea so I don't feel like a dork for not getting something and also so I can figure out things financially.

So, if you are planning on sending anything, please leave a comment. If you do not comment and end up with a lame-ass or late gift, it's your own fault. :P
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