August 27th, 2009


Another weird dream.

This dream was kinda sci-fi based and sorta Brazil-esque. Something about trying to work up the ranks to the high office levels, but if you said or thought anything the company didn't like, they would demote you back to the ground floor without a moments notice. There were all these transport tubes and pass codes.
Out side of the ground floor, the ground was spinning. You had to jump onto different coloured platforms to get anywhere, but there was something wrong with Time and you couldn't get back to where you had started from.
It was rather interestingand kind of like watching a movie, so that made for an interesting sleep.

In waking life, I went down to the library to return some books. The downtown area is a funny place. Full of upscale business people and homeless drug addicts. I wonder how the upper class feels about working in that area, or if they just ignore the situation entirely.

It feels like another narcoleptic day. I think I'm going to spend most of it reading or listening to Harry Potter.