November 2nd, 2008

don't sleep

Sweeny Todd

omg, I would so boff so much of the cast it's retarded. I went all fan-girl and asked everyone for their autograph. Some people were really surprised to be asked. I got such an adrenaline buzz I couldn't walk straight!
The meat pies were good.
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November already??

It still doesn't feel like November. Still feels like October to me.
Anyway, I need to start making plans for my birthday party. It will be held in Welland (where I used to live) as my place is just small. Everyone is invited, especially the local people (Trisha, Tina, Candace) and even you further away yet possibly feasible folk (Amblee, Lara, Dan, Alex, Dave, Lizbee). I haven't set a date yet, but it will probably be the last week of this month, possibly even on my actual birthday, since it is a Saturday. :) Sounds like a plan to me. Anyway, I'll invite a bunch of people on Facebook as well. All I'm hoping for is a slightly better turn out than my failed Hallowe'en party. Portal cake and video games, who can resist? And if Ed hasn't gone insane from his theatrical dependence, I may ask him to dust off the pinball machines. :P
Anyway, please keep that date in mind.