August 31st, 2008



So, I've pretty much not been online all week. On Friday my mom picked me up, yesterday we went to Meritville Heritage Festival, today was brunch with Ed & Elaine (and getting caught up on all the online stuff). Tomorrow will more than likely be a continuation of computer stuff. Tuesday is pharmacy day, Wed is choir, Thurs is groceries, Friday my sister arrives!!! Probably won't be online much while she is here either.
Got myself a compost bucket. I was gonna buy one, but then found some stashed in the basement. Yay.
So much to do and all I want to do is read my book. *pout* But it's better to get it done now than let it pile up further.
Take care.

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I think I'm just gonna futz around online until supper time and then watch Deadzone all night. Geneology and photos can wait til tomorrow.