August 28th, 2008


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So, last Wednesday was our first rehersal of the season. I did alright (socially) even though my anxiety was really high. Thursday night, I went out for dinner with Tractor Dave (as I posted earlier.) Friday night I went to an outdoor concert with Ed & Elaine to hear Dark Side of the Moon preformed live. It was a great experience. I really love "Us and Them" - so powerful! I can't quite remember what I did on Saturday, other than that it was my "day off". On Sunday, I went to the Wiona peach festival with my mom (& Tom). We got rained out, but still pretty much got to do and see everything we wanted to. On Monday, I spent the day volunteering for the Pelham library book sale. That was draining, but I made it through. I did by some books, but less than $5 worth in total. On Tuesday was therapy and I think it was a pretty good session. We sort of came up with a reason about M so that I can stop getting hung up over her. We also decided to put my Prozac back up, effectively decreasing it by 10mgs from the original dose (instead of 20). After therapy, I met up with my friend Jess from highschool. She gave me a fantastic hug and we spent 3 hours just chatting and catching up! It was really good. So, today is another day "off". Tomorrow I'll be going over to my mom's and we'll be going to the Marshville festival on Saturday. I am looking forward to my cheque coming in tomorow, so I can pay my bills and get that out of the way. My great aunt Joan sent me updated info on her side of the family tree. It was a rather prompt reply, and from the sounds of her letter, she highly disapproves of what my father did and was very sympathetic to the rest of us. I think it will be nice to have contact with her.
They are re-paving the street outside of my house right now. The machinery so big it is making the floor rumble. On the other street, they have some kids over at the fire station checking out the engines.

Other than that, I've been spending more time reading or doing other offline activities, which is why I haven't been on MSN for a while. I kinda like it, as I feel more productive. I'm still looking after my comm and everything.

Time for breakfast!
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Something weird is going on.

A couple months ago, when Elaine took me to visit my grandparents, I ran into my father in the parking lot. I confronted him about not responding to the email I had sent him (after he told me he gets it faster than messages on Facebook). Tonight, I logged on to Facebook to send him a message and he is no longer on there. Neither on my list or my sister's. And unless things have changed, it's freakin' HARD to remove yourself from FB. My sister has called and emailed him and not gotten a reply in over a week. Just weird.

Okay, she just called the house and his wife answered and said he's at work. So we know they aren't dead or anything. Still weird though.