July 23rd, 2008


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As I am talking to my sister on the phone, I notice it is getting dark and stormy out. I get off the phone so that I can get to the post office before it rains. Well, the minute I step out the door, it starts raining. I went out anyway, for if I didn't go then, I'd never get the stuff sent out in time. So, it's not all that bad on the way there, other than a few rolts of thunder so loud I jump out of my skin. The second I step into the store, the sky drops its pants and begins pissing everywhere. When I am finished with my business, I run under the overhang over to the GT so I can get some food. I take my time shopping, and the rain has let up a bit once I pay for my purchases. It was still raining, just not torrentially. So, that was exciting. :P
I'm glad I went out and got binge food. (It's menstral week!) I can already tell it's going to be a bad one, as I was uncomfortably bloated last night and it hasn't even started yet. So I got cottage cheese, veg cocktail, cheesecake cups, doughnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, chips, chocolate chips (semi-sweet). I'm not sure if I'll even be in a binge mood, but it's good to have on hand.
My net connection keeps dropping out, so I'll have to go find something to do offline. ;)
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