May 31st, 2008


Good day.

So, I cleaned up pretty well today. Got an 250G XD for torrential goodness. Got cheap speakers cuz laptop speakers suck. They were $10 and pretty kick ass. I got another cartridge for my photoprinter, stocked up on binge food (cuz it's that time). Got a paper shredder of my own, a stand for my tv, a micro stand (I have to assemble both of those some time). Put up my bus route map. Now I gotta find out how much the fare is. Yeah, so I got all this shiz within what was left of my furniture budget (not including the XD). Also had bubble tea and Harvey's. Yum.

Forgot to mention the demonstration in which we got cool stuff. One of those wonder cloths and a veg peeler. Yay free stuff!