March 5th, 2008


Day of Sesame

So, after whining to a few friends online and giving up on sound editing, I ended up reading a bunch of Wikipedia pages about Sesame Street. Some very interesting and odd info (They were considering producing an episode about drugs...) Ended up watching A Special Sesame Street Christmas (not produced by CTW).
Ian ordered 'za for supper and we watched some SG and ST:TNG. Then I popped in one of my Old School discs. You gotta love the typewriter playing Pong. 'Tis awesome. Also looked up some old Square One vids. Hooray.

My marvelous mail partner got their package and liked it, so I am relieved about that. :)

My hands are killing me again. Guess it's going to be a do nothing day tomorrow.

The ice rain is faling in torrential sheets. I am concerned that I will not be able to go to therapy tomorow.

Staying up late tonight. No particular reason.

Can't think of anything else, atm.