March 4th, 2008


Freetrade Music

Hey all.

I just created a community freetrade_music. I am hoping people who want to trade music or know of artists who offer free mp3 downloads will join.

I don't know how well it will kick off, but no harm in trying, right?

Just thought I'd let you all know.

Pretty much rambling.

I'm bored and we didn't get any mail today. :( I haven't really been out in a week, so I think that's part of it.

I had a dream that I was in a bigscreen movie. Something weird about waterslides. Bob McGrath was also in the movie, but I didn't know it at the time (he was in a different part of the movie).
I had a bed in sort of a cabin (bunk beds) but it was like rez or something but you walked out the door into a mall. There were these two guys macking out on my bed and I asked them to move over so I could get dressed. (My clothes were underneath the bed.) Second dream I've had in the past 3 days where I can't find the washroom (and no, I did not wake up needing to pee.) Anyway, Amber is bringing Emily to this playgroup thing in the mall and I get to tell her that I was in a movie. :) I apparently also won some karaoke contest, but it wasn't even an original song. But these school kids were learning it in class. Ian and someone else (a school friend maybe) are going out to help with the playgroup. Bob McGrath makes an unexpected appearance and starts playing songs. I grab my camera to get his pic but by the time I get out there he is just about to leave. I yell, "Wait, PLEASE!" and he lets me take two pictures of him. I later find out that my mom was there the whole time but did not have a camera. There was a bubble tea shop in the mall, but they were real bitches and only put the bubbles in after they had filled the cup with tea (so you get practically none).
/end dream

I pretty much played ED:SR all of yesterday. Spoke with Kim for a few hours, made salad, spoke to my sis until bedtime. I think I'm geting near the end of the game, which is sad. Less in between parts with the main character.

Am concerned about tomorrow. Need to go to my therapy appt but there might be an ice storm tonight. If my mom doesn't want to drive, I might call the taxi.

Need to have a bath today. Probably having leftovers for dinner.