January 21st, 2008


What I did today.

- woke up on time
- ate breakfast (honeynut shreddies, grapes)
- brushed my teeth
- wrote a letter
- watched part of The Lost Room
- finished off part 2 of 5 of my current knitting project
- spoke to my mom on the phone
- had a shower
- dressed for choir
- ate olives and cheese
- preformed with choir (and I think I did rather well)
- socialised with no less than 3 people
- did dishes
- played some games on the computer
- ate a sandwich and celery (+ a small brownie)
- put towels into the laundry

I think I am doing good with the eating thing. I actual feel full these days after eating a meal. Whoo!
Definately need to talk to Mark about reducing meds. My feet get this weird feeling (sort of like right before your foot falls asleep), and I'm getting more sensitive to withdrawl.
Can't really think of anything else to mention.

Hypochondria, anyone?

Okay, just putting it out there in case anyone might know.

Over the past few days, my feet have been going numb, and starting today, so have my hands. It's a really weird feeling like right before you get pins and needles, but the pins and needles never come. I believe I am running a low-grade fever, and my eyes have been dry lately, but that could be unrelated. Last night, the numbness in the feet/legs was really bothersome and it was difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep. I've already WebMDed it, but don't want to over react. Thought about phoning TeleHealth, but haven't for the same reason.
I have a doctor's appointment in a week, so I am hoping I can wait until then.