December 11th, 2007


Hello Global Warming

WTF? It is raining here! The Great White North in December has RAIN. It's rather dangerous too, because once the temperature lowers due to nightfall, all the water will turn into ice. I bet I'll be hearing sirens tonight!

(no subject)

Geh. I'm craving something sweet, but it'll be dinner in an hour and I'll spoil my appetite. I finished cutting up fabric squares, so that's one thing off the list. I'm covered in sparkles from writing Christmas cards. I only have one letter left to write, but I'm sort of putting it off. I also was planning on doing DDR today, but I'm slacking on that too. Maybe after dinner. I dunno.
I watched Ratatouille last night. I like the brother rat, Emille.

After this last letter, all I have left to do for Christmas is wrap up the gifts I'll be giving in person. I'll probably end up doing that sometime later this week. lol.

Enh, gonna go watch an episode of Stargate.