November 13th, 2007


Day 0: The Arrival

On Sunday morning I woke up early (8am). I tried to go back to sleep, but it wasn't happening. I got up at 11 and changed all the bed sheets, etc. I put the dirty sheets in the laundry before I ate breakfast, then I realised that the water temp would be fluctuating, so I wouldn't be able to take a shower. I attempted to anyway but ended up running a bath. So, I got washed and dressed and everything and put on some Batman cartoons while waiting for my mom. Shr phoned around quarter to 1 and showed up about 20 after. First, we stop off so I can pick up meds, then we make our way towards Hamilton. We stop off at Tom's mother's grave before heading to the airport. Leah's flight landed early! I have never had a flight or train or anything arrive early. So, yay, less waiting for us! Seeing her smile when she saw me made me so happy and lots of hugs all around. My mom dropped us off at my place in Welland and we had Leftover Leah for supper. I spent a while dispensing meds and divi-ing up candy that my mom had given us while Leah watched tv. We watched an episode of CSI and then went upstairs. I watched some more batman cartoons while she did computer stuff.

Day 1: Playing Tourist

Leah awoke to the sounds of "the alarm clock orchestra" so that Elaine could drop her off at the car rental. Me, I got to sleep through it all. :)
I woke up at my usual 11am, got dressed and had breakfast. By this time it was almost noon, so I went to see if Leah was getting up. She wanted to sleep a bit more, so I went and read for a little less than an hour. By this point, I was about ready to fall asleep myself, so I got her up and we went to WalMart to pick up a few things. Leah bought herself a digital camera which I got to set up while she phoned her insurance company while driving to Dunnville. Seeing my grandparents was good but sad. My gramma is becoming more incoherent (due to Alzheimer's) and my grampa is just getting senile. He asked Leah how to use a telephone because he couldn't remember how. He also seems to be really easily ticked off these days; he was ranting about some lady asked him to sing and it wasn't what he was expecting so he told her he wasn't going to come back. Later, he ranted about how the staff mentioned his birthday at dinner or something and he got all angry about that. He said, "I don't want any mention of it. I don't know how old I am, so it doesn't matter." It's a very foreign idea to me to not have any idea of how old you are. I know people have to sometimes calculate based on year, but to have no idea at all? Anyway, apparently he is 81.
Leah took lots of pictures and video with her new camera. After an hour of visiting we were ready to leave. We went to eat at Leah's favourite pizza place: Squires Pizzaria. We ordered what we used to get when our dad was there, but it wasn't the same (but the food was still good). We ordered a lot so that Leah could bring home leftovers! :)
So, we left Dunnville and drove back towards Welland. Leah decided to play "let's follow this road cuz I'm not sure where to go". Ergh. Anyway, we finally got to the Falls and we stopped at Artistic Impressions to see if she could get her tattoo done. They didn't have anything open then but told us to come back tomorrow. So, we went down by the Hill and played tourist because Leah wanted to buy souvenirs for everyone back out West. We basically hit every souvenir shop on the Hill, and we walked down to the Hershey store. They don't sell Crackle bars there any more. :( We went down to look at the falls, but it was too dark to get anything on camera. I took a video of the moving festival lights and photos of a bunch of random stuff. By this time, we are damp from the mist and starting to get cold. We walk back up the Hill and stop and 7-11 on the way home for beverages.
When we got home, I did a few online things I needed to take care of and then handed the computer over to Leah. I had a really bad migraine last night. The quietest crinkle was so loud. It was different, because in the past, all of my migraines have been light sensitivity, but this time that didn't bother me. Well, we watched the first two episodes of Tru Calling, and then I went to bed.

Day 2: The Day of Appointments

I ended up waking up at 8am again. I have no idea why. But we needed to be up that early, so it didn't matter. I went to wake up Leah but then Ed jumped in the shower, so we had to wait for him to get out. Leah had her shower and got dressed and we left for the Falls, once again. First, Leah had a doctor's appointment to go to. That didn't take too long. After that, we drove over to the tattoo place, but they only open at noon, so we sat in the parking lot for a while. My migraine had come back, so I crawled onto the backseat of the car and napped. My headache actually felt a bit better after I got up. We went to the parlour and I took my meds. Leah got her tattoo done and we were off to the dentist. Leah and I both went in to get our teeth cleaned; I was finished a few before she was. When I went back to the waiting room, I could hear the dentist and the hygienist lecturing her. They made her buy all this expensive stuff, too. Leah hadn't eaten all day, so we drove thru McDonald's before heading back to Welland. Right now we are waiting for a call from the St. Albert Police. We still have lots more to do today. We are going to the mall to get Leah's prescription and a few other things. Going to get bubble tea and pick up a birthday cake for Elaine. Also need to hit Liquidation World before Leah blows all her money. :P

edit: Tonight was Leah's marathon of naps! We had left-over pizza and chicken wings for supper. We drank some of the blood-orange soda that I bought. Liquidation World only had luggage sets, and as we were looking for a single, we did not find what we were looking for, but we went to GT and I showed Leah the moose that Elaine wanted to buy for her.
While we ate supper, we watched a movie called "Lies My Mother Told Me". Leah fell asleep during part of it. My mom had left a message for us to phone her at 7pm, so I did, but the line was busy for 15 minutes! I finally get through and Tom is gripeing that they are trying to eat supper. *sigh* We finished the movie and went upstairs. I played DDR for over an hour while Leah played on the computer. When Elaine got home, we watched Vicar of Dibley and ate cake.