November 2nd, 2007


Last copy.

Well, I have one copy left of my home-printed, hand-bound, (self-authored) poetry collection.

dagfari and tigerlilymusing, don't worry, I have a copy set aside for you. Anyone else on my flist who does not already have a copy and would like one, now is your last chance. Please leave a comment.

...I can't believe I only have one copy left! I think I printed off 85 copies when I first put this together. I'm astounded that I know or have met that many people to give a copy of my book to!
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I just watched "Who Killed the Electric Car?". I don't even drive and I almost cried several times during the film. It really is sad and depressing that something so good was destroyed because of corporate greed. I'm pretty sure I want a poster, either of the movie title or from one of the organisations that support EVs.

Last night I watch a pretty good movie called The HiSTORY Boys. It's a British film about these boys being prepped to apply for Oxford and Cambridge. The movie is nicely weird. I think Liz would like it. My newest celebrity crush is Andrew Knott who fits my idea of English boys tremendously. :D