October 26th, 2007


Happy Full Moon

Wow. Was okay until I checked my email just now. Papere is in ICU again. :( So worried and sad for him.

The rest of my evening was pretty good. Broke out my DDR, wrapped Xmas gifts for Leah, watched the least scary "horror" movie ever. (It wasn't bad, just not at all scary.)

Did a bunch of computer stuff during the day (photos, music). Played a bunch of Animal Crossing as well. Read more of A Bright Red Scream and started on The Mormon Murders.

Had a nice dinner with Ed. We are frustrating the bird by insisting that he say "Leah" when he is used to getting food if he says "cracker".
While I was cleaning up afer dinner, I noticed that Ed had left the element on under a pan of grease. I was relieved to have caught it before a fire broke out. Not that it was on the brink or anything, I just tend to have worst case scenarios pop into my head all the time.

My mom is "helping" me look for places to rent/roommates wanted places.

Eff. I largely dislike how easily my emotions can be flipped.

It will probably be annoying once I try to go to sleep, but right now, the full moon is shining in through my window and it is lovely.
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