August 23rd, 2007


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Woke up at 11, had breakfast, got ready, then went back to sleep until 1:30 when Elaine came to pick me up. I worked at the booksale from 2pm to 5pm. Did lots of walking and moved a lot of books. I managed to only spend $1.75 for 5 books. Most of them are memoirs about mental health issues, and one is a novel.
Went to the market for dinner. $5 brownies? I don't think so. But the hamburger was good and I had a peach. The kettle corn was tempting, but I resisted.
I have a horrible headache, but don't want to take anything for it, since all that stuff has caffeine in it. I am definitely sleeping in tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the date of a very sad anniversary for me, so I may not be around.
Ergh, most of my body is stiff or sore.

Oh yeah, Dirty Pretty Things is an excellent movie!

p.s. I tried to make a Mr Men mood theme last night, but none of the images loaded.
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