August 21st, 2007


Actual update.

So, I guess it has been a few days since I last updated. I'm not really sure if there is much to write about. I can't remember too much about the weekend. I know we had pizza on Saturday and Ed made roast on Sunday. Ian came home on Monday and we visited and he helped me install some stuff on my computer and drove me to the lab. Ian and his parents went over to Laura's mom's for dinner; apparently Liz and I were also invited, but had no idea, so I made pasta. Afterwards, we were invited over for dessert: Pomegranate mousse cake with white chocolate shavings. Yum! I had wine and afterwards we all moved into the sitting room for conversation and anecdotes. It was rather good. Before going over for dessert, the Lego table was picked up. I was beginning to think that the woman might not show up, since she had said she'd be by in the afternoon and it was already after 7pm, but she did show, and seemed happy/grateful for the table. I got an adrenaline rush from accomplishing the task, and Liz high-tenned me. (High-five with both hands.)
I've been reading a lot lately. A memoir and a self-help book. Both are very good.
Went to the dentist today. I had planned on taking a taxi to the appointment and had arranged for Liz to pick me up after work, but Elaine came home at 1:30 and so she drove me to and from instead, which worked out, since I was out of the office by 4. Tonight will be my first night with my nightguard. Apparently I should clean it with dishsoap. My dentist says it is good for the material that it is made out of. Anyway, I have that all paid off, thanks to a cash contribution from my mamine.
I'm hoping that the guy who wants my laptop batteries can pick them up tomorrow. Then I am volunteering at the Pelham library booksale on Thursday. I think I am going to spend some downtime on the weekend. It's just not a good time of year for me with the anniversary of a lot of influential things in my life, so I kind of want to be alone. And I'll be menstruating, hooray.
On Monday, I also got a letter from Melanie, which made me glad, since it had been a while (or at least felt like it) since I had last heard from her. Oh, and Kim phoned me! So we talked and I enjoyed that as well.
Before the dentist today, I cleaned out my carpet sweeper and it is currently charging. I'm mildly worried that I may have burnt out the motor, but we'll see. Oh, I also changed the batteries in my toothbrush today. Tomorrow I plan on bathing, doing laundry, and editing the audio I recorded off of my cassettes.
Lately, I have been watching my Oblongs dvd in the morning. I want to get the season one Powerpuff girls set, but I think I have most of the episodes already, but I haven't checked yet. I also want to find out if Freakazoid has been released on dvd.
I also started watching Stargate SG-1 season 8. I think I have gotten to episode 5.
Oh, and today marks day two of not napping. Ever since I got back from Edmonton, I have been napping between 12:30 and 3pm. I haven't really been sleeping well at night, but I'm not really sure why. The other day I woke up and nearly fell out of bed.
I have no idea where all my money goes. I got my credit card bill the other day, and was impressed that I only spent a little over $200 on it while in Edmonton (*fails to mention the complete drainage of savings*). However, I won't be able to pay it off this month, as I had to pay out my accont for the nightguard. I want to buy Lego, I want to buy dvds & cds, I barely have any living expenses, so where the fuck does the money go? $225 for rent, about $10 for meds (+ $100 ever other month), $20 for my dvd subscription, $100 towards paying off my student loan... *no idea*
Kim sent me a link to a publishing company that will publish your stuff for free. I'm excited about it and hoping to put together a manuscript.

Someone on marvelousmail has stolen my tiger icon. >:(

Well, looks like I had something to say after all.
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