August 14th, 2007


Today is a better day.

Thank you to everyone who left such lovely comments the other day. I had a much better day today, as I had therapy yesterday (oh yeah, I already mentioned that) and I got to talk to my sister last night. My mom came over this morning for coffee, so I got to talk to her too. ♥
I phoned the dr's office and got my appointment scheduled. Going for lab work on Thursday.
I also emailed CMH to inquire about intake.
Ed made an amazing dinner and we all had wine and fun conversation. Then Liz needed to go shoe shopping and get a haircut, so I asked if I could tag along, as I haven't been shopping in awhile. I sent out a package and bought bubble tea. I wandered around the record store for awhile and then thought that I should buy something so that they wouldn't suspect me of shop-lifting, since I was in there so long. I ended up with 2 cds simply because I liked the track titles. I've done this before, and sometimes it works out. But they were cheap (less than $20 for both - after taxes) so I don't feel bad even though I'm not supposed to be spending any money this month. I almost bought the new Matt Good cd, but I haven't heard anything from it yet.
Okay, so the cds I got are: Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation by Darkest Hour and Everything Is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down by Glasseater. I'll definately let you know if I love any of the tracks.
I also got this Enviro Guide for the Niagara Region. It is a booklet that lists local resale shops. This is handy, since I have a bunch of stuff sitting around that could be useful to someone else.
Also, I have been playing with Picasa all day. I've been going through all of my digipix and editing them. Hehe. Afterwards, I'll select a bunch to print. Don't worry, this will take awhile, as I have lots of digital pictures. (Nowhere near as many as Elaine has though!)
Finished disc 3 of season four Angel last night. Might pop in the next one later.
I also helped Liz pick out shoes. :)
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