August 10th, 2007


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Incredibly self destructive since the talk. First the suicide dream, and also, trying to hook up with Dave so that I might have a place to live. (Couldn't get in touch with him.) Stayed up way too late last night (3am) and am currently getting buzzed off of a cooler I've had stashed for over a year.

Yeah, so it's horrible and I'm fucking it up. Part of me thinks maybe I should get on the list for housing to keep my options open, but won't it be a bitch if I get a place and decline it?

Thinking of shit I can sell. Facebook marketplace sucks. I think there is a local paper that you can place ads for free for anything less than $100. Been thinking about setting up an eBay account, but I've been told there are listing fees?

Any and either way, I probably shouldn't be posting right now.
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